We have segregated our pricing as packages for the best use of our services so you can utilize our services as and when your Business need them. 

You can buy one or two packages or send us an email prior to buying so we can advise you the best options. 


Package 3-5 hours

Practice Management Package

Packages work perfectly when you have to work on a budget. 

You can hire us for hourly intervals of either 3 hours or 5 hours. 

Hourly Rate: $50/ Hr 

Package 5-15 Hours

Practice Management Package

This package gives you the flexibility to choose from any hours between 5 to 15. 

Hourly Rate :- $45/ Hr 

Package 15+ Hours

Practice Management Package

We would be happy for you to get on to your business while we help you run the every day operations of the clinic. 

Hourly Rate: $40

Patient Records for Case Presentation

Patient Records  Case Presentation
Practice Management

We can help you in sorting out your patient Before and After records in a beautiful presentable way so you can have an awesome Treatment Plan presentation ready for your appointment.   

Please feel free to email us at to get more info on pricing packages as it varies depending on the number of cases you refer. 

Opening Hours

Practice Management. Practice Manager

We work Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm. If you have any queries or you wish to discuss with us, outside of these hours, please send us an email to

Have a Question for us?

Practice Management

Please feel free to send us an email at