Dr Derek Mahony, Orthodontist

Sangeetha has worked for me for nearly 11 years, as an Operations Manager. She has vast experience in Practice Management. She is a Tech Savvy and well versed with Practice Accreditation, Book Keeping, Transcribing and General Practice Administrative activities. I would recommend her services to any suitable organization without any hesitation. 

From: Dr Derek Mahony; www.derekmahony.com

A QLD Dentist

I am happy that I found someone to get my practice accredited!

A Rural GP

I like the flexibility and the month to month contracts. They are amazing as I dont really need a full time admin person, but I do want my time back because I do a lot of admin work myself. So this systems suits me better.

A Sydney CBD Group Dental Practice Principal

You are pretty good with communicating with our doctors, Directors, and Staff. I don’t have the headache of Social Media Marketing, Book keeping, and my phones are always attended. Your extended hours are a bonus!  Keep up the good work.